HS&Co. | Consultoría estratégica | Consultoría tecnológica
Consultoría empresarial, expertos en operaciones, tecnologías, finanzas, cuestiones legales. Oficinas en Valencia y Madrid.
HS&Co. | Consultoría estratégica | Consultoría tecnológica
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HS&Co. Basic Principles

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  Our mission


Improving the performance of all types of private companies and public institutions, applying our knowledge and our extensive experience of international level, adapted to local needs, and contribute significantly to our clients facing their main challenges in very diverse areas (from the strategy to operations, going through the organization or technology).

Our vision


Being a reference firm in the Spanish market, renowned for offering a high value services, for the integrity of its performance and for its ability to develop the best human team.

  Our values



We apply high standards of conduct in our activities. We want to be objective, think differently and demonstrate a solid approach.

Mutual Commitment

We build HS&Co. based on trust and mutual respect, collaborating with work teams with responsibility and initiative.


We exceed the expectations of our clients, offering them innovative solutions through the development and application of our talents and knowledge.

Our Leadership



Inspire in others the motivation to learn more, do more and the best of themselves.